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I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher, with a lifelong interest in movement, mind/body integration, spiritual practice and health consciousness.  The interest has expressed itself in various ways throughout my life, including practices in modern dance, ballet, running, yoga, Feldenkrais, and PIlates, among other movement modalities.  I have been a student of various styles of yoga over a thirty year period. Currently, I focus on Hanna Somatic Education, a neurophysiological brain repatterining movement system consisting of guided movements and directed awareness to change movement patterns to reduce chronic contractions and reduce or eliminate pain.  I'm also trained in TriYoga, the "tai chi of yoga"  and Viniyoga, a more therapeutic approach especially for those recovering from injury, or in rehabilitation.  I have a Master's in Creative Arts Education from San Francisco State University, and a K-12 teaching credential from Sonoma State University. 

The video features Lee in a flow from the TriYoga path, using elements of that tradition, including slow, steady pacing, rhythmic breath, and spinal waves.

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